Experience, flexibility and creativity

An experienced team

At Token Studio we utilize our experience of more than 18+ years to create what your project needs.
We are a studio focused on design, illustration, UX web design and app design for star-ups, agencies and brands.

Elsa Canto
UX Designer / Visual Artist / Illustrator

Has more than 16 years experience in Web Design, UX, User interface Design. Has worked mainly in the Financial and Insurance sectors. Is also a visual artist, illustrator and the author of aseries of children’s books focused on Panamanian folklore: Señoras Polleras, which have been created from the images of her paintings.

I am in constant learning mode and in addition to working UX for websites and graphic design, I am creating
new works, new products and illustrated children’s books.

Juan Carlos Marín
Art Director

More than 16 years of experience working graphic and web design. For many years worked as a Graphic Designer at Cable & Wireless Panamá, where he worked from logos to infographics, working on any project that needed a focus on design.

As a designer, the passion for creating guides you, and at the same time you know design is a driving force for the solution of problems, big or small.

Ricardo Montenegro
Communication and Strategy

Graphic designer with 31 years experience in communications, he started out as an illustrator and went on to do various tasks related to the field such as art direction, television production and up to managing the institutional brand for the biggest telecommunications company in the country.

The mission is to focus on a message that achieves an experience.